Home Technology Will you need to put a solar filter on your iPhone’s lens?

Will you need to put a solar filter on your iPhone’s lens?

Solar Eclipse

Will you need to put a solar filter on your iPhone’s lens?

Are you planning on capturing the total solar eclipse set to occur this August 21st? Do you plan to use your GoPro or your iPhone? Then you need to know this – need not worry about putting a solar filter over the device’s lens.

Expert advice on wearing a special solar eclipse glasses next week, when viewing the phenomenon with naked eyes only.

When the Sun gets blocked by the Moon, the extreme harshness of the light emitting harmful rays may affect your vision and cause temporary blindness if exposed. This is because our eyes have a wide angle binocular view. What this means is that – a large amount of those harmful rays could enter your eyes and damage vision capabilities.

Therefore, you need not worry about those rays affecting your camera’s lens as such, iPhone has a 28mm wide angle whereas the GoPro has a 14mm wide angle.

“You can point your iPhone at the Sun right now to take photos and the camera’s sensors and lens would not be damaged. The same is the case for the solar eclipse,” Apple said in a statement to the reporters.

Photographers using larger cameras such as Canon, Nikon DSLR and a large zoom would run into trouble,” said Apple.

Large focal length cameras are needed for NASA like shots.

But since the wide angle of these devices aren’t wide enough the Sun would only be a minor character in the photos.

This doesn’t mean you could not improvise for wide shots, you may consider something more dramatic than stills – a time-lapse or video shot.


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