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Uber hits $50 million in tips adds more driver friendly features

Some changes have been made in driver experience by Uber as part of the ongoing ‘180 Days of Change’ campaign. With the campaign setting-off in June and Uber’s decision to finally add tipping feature in its app started-off a series of changes designed to make and improve the driver experience. This initiative was in lieu to the fact that a lot of users have had a bad experience tend not return to their services. This has caused the issue of the high turnover rate among certain user groups.

Now, Uber is adding a few new features including trip type preferences, more driver destinations and long trip notifications. Already, Uber is seeing good results for its efforts from its ‘180 Days of Changes’ program including but not the only rapid usage of its tipping option by users.

“This week, we’re going to hit $50 million dollars in tips for drivers,” said Uber’s US-Canada manager Rachel Holt. “We launched the tipping effort in three cities two months ago but we didn’t roll it out all over the US until the middle of July. So, we’re really, really excited just to see how well that feature has done in just a short period of time”.

These new changes today are focused on adding more flexibility to the user experience. The following statement made by Uber’s Head of Driver Product Aaron Schildkrout would help you better understand what they mean by that – “Drivers have always come to Uber for work that’s truly on their terms: Work with no boss, work that fits around their lives, work that’s always available when they want it, and so that’s why we’re focusing in this chapter on flexibility”.

Drivers were able to set only two destinations per day, now they could set a maximum of six which also includes setting when they want to start for that particular destination. Meaning they will be picking rides along the way where they also want to be. They are also making an option to accept only those trips that the driver wants to take. Also, displaying a circular meter which would tell how this would impact the driver’s ride pool.

Lastly, they will be adding a long trip notification which is would inform the driver how long the trip is going to take, before this they were unaware of, therefore, not being able to plan the trip conducively. Now, they will be able to plan when to get to the gas station or take a bathroom break.

You could expect more changes coming up as Uber is only 60 days into its ‘180 Days of Change’ program.


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