Home News Tropical Storm Franklin hits Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Tropical Storm Franklin hits Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Tropical Storm Franklin

Tropical Storm Franklin has hit the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, early this Tuesday, August 8th. It dumped heavy rain and gusty winds on the shore and inland. It could lead to a dangerous storm surge into the coast, warned the forecasters.

One foot of drenching rainfall is expected with a potential for flash floods warned the National Hurricane Center. A storm surge of up to four feet – accompanied by large, destructive waves – is possible as the storm slams into the shoreline.

Wind gusts of 40-60 mph are also possible. The tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 140 miles from the storm’s eye.

The tourist resorts of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel are at risk from the storm. In the higher terrain of Central America, the system could also trigger mudslides, AccuWeather meteorologist Eric Leister said.

Warnings of the tropical storm were in effect for the most of the Yucatan Peninsula and a hurricane watch was in effect for the coast of the mainland Mexico from Puerto de Veracruz to Rio Panuco.

A tropical storm turns into a hurricane when the wind speed reaches 74 mph.

After crossing the peninsula, Franklin could re-intensify into a hurricane in the Bay of Campeche to deliver another blow to Mexico’s east coast later in the week.

The United States may not be affected by the system directly. However, rain may occur in south Texas and endanger swimmers all along the state’s coastline, as Franklin moves into Mexico.

It’s the sixth named hurricane of the season 2017 originating in the Atlantic. So far, all the storms have only reached tropical storm strength.

Another separate tropical system in the Atlantic Ocean has a 20% chance of turning into a named storm over the next five days. It will be called Gert.


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