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Still on death row Scott Peterson’s last call to Laci

Scott Peterson
“The Murder of Laci Peterson” a six episode documentary series is set to premiere on August 15th, 2017 at 10-11:00 p.m. ET/PT on A&E network. In this first episode, it recounted the final moments of Scott Peterson and his wife Laci Peterson. This also included snippets of the last minute phone call from Scott to Laci. Laci Peterson went missing on the eve of Christmas back in 2002.

Here, is what Scott had to say to his wife in the last phone call: “Hey beautiful, I just left a message at home. Uh, it’s 2:15 I’m leaving Berkeley I won’t be able to get to Vella Farms to get that basket for papa I was hoping you would get this message and go out there”. Scott says these words in the never-heard-before audio from Laci’s voice mail.

He then tells his wife: “I’ll see you in a bit sweetie. Love ya, bye”.

But what turned out was that he would never see his wife pregnant with their eight-month-old son. As she went missing that day and later that year her body and fetus of his unborn son washed off the coast near Berkeley later in April.


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