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Are you and your husband sleeping in different bedrooms?

When we think about couples sleeping in different bedrooms, it might seem a bit dramatic. Did the couples have a big fight? Is their relationship hitting the bottoms? Well, not really. Sleeping apart is becoming a lot common these days. National Sleep Foundation survey found that 10% of couples reported sleeping in different rooms – and as many as 25% said they slept in different beds.

One may ask why? There could be a hundred reasons for that. “Originally, it was my husband’s snoring”, says Katie, mother of two teenage sons from Illinois. “The noise got really bad and I was always poking him. Often, I would grab my pillow and go to the living room”.

It permits some alone time within a busy household. “My husband and I are big introverts and once our twins were born, we needed more alone time than ever”, says Lee. Typically every evening the couple would put the twins to bed and hang out in the living room and part ways around 10 p.m. to retreat to their caves. “I swear this has saved our marriage”, says Lee.

So, whatever your reason maybe to sleep apart. Here, are something’s that you need to do so that it works out for both of you.

The ideal scenario for you two to sleep apart would be if you could get two separate bedrooms for yourselves. If you don’t have that much of space available then what? In that case, you will need to switch things up. Something like you could take the bedroom and your husband the living room. Or maybe the study, the best suggestion would be if you both could alternate your sleeping spots between the master bedroom, living room, study.

You would not like to wake up grumpy every morning, would you? Spending a night with a tosser-and-turner can cause that feeling every goddam day. On to that you could choose your optimal temperature, fan setting, bedding and wake up time as you would want it to be.

Often sex and intimacy are equated with falling in bed together but really sex could come anytime, anyway. You could always knock each other’s door. All you got to do is let your partner know what’s on your mind. It’s the seed for a healthy relationship – letting know your partner know what you want to do today. It wouldn’t feel forced upon.

Whatever you may think about sleeping apart, there isn’t an issue if you are willing to try something different, something new if you want to help yourself with a good and healthy sleep. Connections and relationships happen at different levels, sleeping together can be or may not be a part of it. It’s up to you to decide.


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