Home Technology The Ring Doorbell 2 offers the most feature in a door bell

The Ring Doorbell 2 offers the most feature in a door bell

Ring Doorbell 2
All lot of new products have been released recently by Ring in the home improvements and security segment. But the most sought after product of Ring is the original core product the Ring Doorbell. Its new product is a revamp of the previous original core model but the new Ring Doorbell 2 is a new product all together if you consider it apart being a doorbell with a lot of features.

If you have owned one the Ring Doorbells then you should probably know that it is the most connected gadget of your house. That to the most useful one. The new design is an improvement on the strengths of the original. When talking in the terms of the improvements and features then it’s the battery option made available. Not only this it is a removable option meaning you could replace them when they dry out – charging via micro USB is available. It offers six to twelve months of usage under normal conditions.

The new battery pack costs about around $20 you could get an extra one and keep your doorbell working all the time. Other big improvement is from 720pixel video to 1080pixel one. And you could tell the difference between the colour, detail and overall smoothness of the footage captured. Night-vision capture is better, too.

You get a clear picture when someone approaches and not ring the doorbell with the motion sensor enabled alerts. It works 100% of the time near about.

Now, here is the best offering it is easily installable with great audio and intercom audio quality with an easy to use app and convenient power options. And the cloud service costs $3 per month only. A deal worth the subscription amount.


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