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Barcelona bent on to get Philippe Coutinho offers £138million

Philippe Coutinho
On Friday 18th August 2017 Liverpool had turned down the third bid offer of about £119million to transfer Philippe Coutinho. What is known of this offer though is that only £80 million was guaranteed? The rest of the money would have been made up in add-ons including a payment if Coutinho wins the World Player of the Year award.

Now, for a fourth time, Barcelona tries to get this Brazilian midfielder with a whopping £138million on offer. Of this £101million would be made as an upfront payment while the rest £37million would be in bonuses.

Sources say that Philippe Coutinho has never been more determined to leave Liverpool. To suggest Barca is thinking of backing out and calling it a day is a nonsense. They are all-in now and their cards are on the table and they will never give up the fight. The £37million add-ons are understood to be very achievable and linked to Champions League appearances.

Although some believe that Liverpool will not sell the player as it is insisting Philippe Coutinho isn’t for sale but they have valued the player at around £140million. Whereas Coutinho openly hints his desire is to move to Barca but has recently signed a five-year contract this year with Liverpool.

The Brazilian midfielder hasn’t featured in any of the games this season so far for the club though Liverpool insists that the player is ill and recovering from a bad back.

When Jurgen Klopp was asked if he’d welcome Coutinho back, he said “Of course. You asked is everything okay between us? I answered with of course. Yes, indeed, absolutely, 100 per cent.

“He can’t (start training tomorrow) because on top (of the injury) he is now ill. One other player (was also ill) but with him, it was not that serious so he was back in training today.

“If (Coutinho) would start (training) tomorrow it would take time because he has no training for a long time. (I have) no idea in this moment. We would have to check in the moment when he is back.”



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