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McGregor loses to Mayweather via TKO in 10th round

Conor McGregor
Here, on Saturday 26th August, in Las Vegas Floyd Mayweather withstood an impressive early furry from Conor McGregor to win the Saturday night’s ‘The Money Fight’ at the T-mobile arena with a 10th round technical knockout.

The former top ranked boxer Mayweather, who last fought in 2015, was experiencing a few difficulties in the opening rounds against McGregor, as he was forced to move out of his position as the UFC Champ was flanking him and moving around a lot in the ring.

However, in round 10 with McGregor having visibly started to tire minutes earlier, Mayweather deliver a striking combination that ended the fight with referee Robert Byrd stepping in to prevent any further punishment to McGregor.

The fight had gone further than anyone was expecting, though some were thinking of a Conor McGregor finish. Mayweather had come forward and said earlier that he would try and seek an early knockout if possible. Ultimately, he took his usual risk-averse strategy in the opening rounds not throwing a meaningful punch until 55 seconds into the fight.

While that gave some moment of excitement to the Irishman’s followers it also left McGregor tired with his mouth wide open and his punches lacking the power.

“He’s a lot better than I thought he was”, said Mayweather. “He used a lot of angles. But I was the better man tonight”.

“Our game plan was to take our time…Then take him out at the end”.

By the 10th, Conor McGregor barely had enough energy to stand, let alone throw punches and Mayweather moved to finish him.

“I guaranteed everybody this fight wouldn’t go the distance. Boxing’s reputation was on the line”, said Mayweather.

Mayweather’s victory took his professional career statistics to 50-0, one clear of the record held by Rocky Marciano. Many, however, will question whether those figures should come with an asterisk given that Conor McGregor had less experience and is not a professional boxer.

Regardless, at 40, and having secured another enormous payday, it is unlikely Mayweather will be seen in the ring again, and he even penned a farewell letter to his fans in the fight program.

“This was my last fight tonight, ladies and gentlemen. For sure,” Mayweather said after his victory.



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