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Planning to be the perfect mother to your kids? How to do that?

A lot of mothers out there, who are really wonderful with their kids all the time – who laugh their hearts out with them and dress them warmly and love them till the moonlight, kiss their kids blissfully to sleep, would often beat themselves up over their motherly love. Ask themselves questions – Do I work too much? Do I get too frustrated? Should I do this? Should I do that? (That isn’t worth asking!)

Although it’s normal to worry about these things, when you are trying so hard for your kids and love them so much. But you know what you should be asking yourselves? Well, do your children feel loved?

You may not know but the answer to it would always be yes. No, matter you had frozen pizzas for dinner or you missed your bedtime. You would trade to do things your kids love with anything in this world, over and over again. It doesn’t matter if you allow your kids to watch TV shows early in the morning and grab some extra sleep. Or distract them with something and try to finish up your chores.

What your kids would remember? They would remember how you allowed them to watch TV shows early in the morning. How you would miss your bedtime, how you would eat pizzas for dinner. Everything else doesn’t matter to them. They are still kids and they don’t see the world as we do. So, don’t worry about anything that you shouldn’t be concerned about.

There is no such thing as being a perfect parent. It’s easy to feel pressure when you think about being a perfect parent. When you start fantasying the fantasies build upon and around being perfect parents. But trust me you don’t have to, your kid’s love you the way you are. Don’t give a thought to it. And here is why you are a good mother? It is because you just love your children, you do what you could to keep them safe and healthy.

Every single parent is the best any kid could get. All parents are awesome and fantastic in their own ways. There are so many great ways to raise your kids, you all are doing the best you can with them and that’s what matters in the end.



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