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The Essential Phone has been launched for pre-sales booking

The Essential Phone
The most awaited phone, ‘The Essential Phone’ of the year has been launched for pre-sales booking. Although a bit late with their scheduled announcement. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm hasn’t dropped a bit. This is the first smartphone from the new company, Essential Products founded by Android creator Andy Rubin and officially unveiled on May 30th, 2017. The phone is made available to the customers via the company’s official website, Best Buy and Sprint.

The phone features a display that almost to its edges and a standard 128GB of storage, with support for other additional external accessories. It supports all US carriers but it’s being sold via Sprint with a $260 discount at their retails. An offer that you should think about.

The Essential Phone has been listed as pre-order on all the three retailers’ pre-sales booking platforms. The shipping information would be conveyed to you later via email. Essential Products have begun sending out notifications to those customers who had registered to purchase the device. From last Wednesday, registered users were receiving emails telling them to provide payment information. Once the process gets completed their devices would be shipped off within the next seven days.

This device from Essential Products is a smartphone designed to be minimalist in nature when it comes to the brand name. If you aren’t aware of it already. Some, big brands in Android smartphone market tend to force on customers their choices when it comes to preloaded sub standard apps that could not be removed. Apps that one has no need for but still could not uninstall them simply. It makes users have more than one app for one and the same purpose. This makes the device bulky and slow (while working only).

Although it sounds like the first customers of Essential Phone will still have to wait for a week or so before they get to hold this device in their hands. It’s a big achievement for Rubin and his company though. But don’t expect any action in here in this segment of smartphones, as such reports tell that there might be some other big players interested in entering this new segment of the smartphone industry. This could make the competition heated and you might just get better deals as always.


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