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Don’t know what to say to your grieving friend?

It could get difficult to know what to say or do when someone you care about is grieving someone else. Intruding in their personal...

SUV Sale dip gives out strong bearish signal in the market

Recently the auto industry saw a stall in growth. Especially in the case of family sedans, which have become obsolete like the flip-phones of...
Atif Aslam

Top 5 Bollywood Male Singers of 2017

Top 5 Bollywood Male singers of 2017. The year 2017 is one of the finest years for Bollywood music Industry. Many young talented singers made...

Planning to be the perfect mother to your kids? How to do that?

A lot of mothers out there, who are really wonderful with their kids all the time – who laugh their hearts out with them...

Are you and your husband sleeping in different bedrooms?

When we think about couples sleeping in different bedrooms, it might seem a bit dramatic. Did the couples have a big fight? Is their...
Brain Teasers

Top 20 Brain Teasers for Adults. How to be Mr Riddler on Facebook?

   Ever had the thought how it would feel to know something that your friends don't? Wouldn’t it feel good? Everyone wants to pamper...
Black and White Kids

Are your children conscious about races? Want them to be more accepting like yourself?

Every mother would want their child to be kind and accepting to everyone without biases or stereotypes. One may find that by turning a...

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