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They didn’t let Cam Newton play even when he wanted the most

Cam Newton
Last December Cam Newton played with a shoulder injury as he didn’t want to let down his teammates. What it resulted, in the end, was – him needing a surgery eventually. But when the training camp started Cam Newton didn’t want to wait to catch up with the training. So, he gave himself four full days to it and then needed a twelve-day layoff to get through the after effects of the surgery.

Now, this year when he wanted to play more than one drive in his first preseason game, the Panthers pulled a plug on him this time around.

Cam Newton admitted he’d have liked more action than his one driver last night against the Jaguars, in which he led them to a touchdown in eight plays but threw just two short passes to do so.

“I was excited when they told me I was able to play. They didn’t tell me how much. I just wish I’d played a little longer”, said Newton. “I feel behind in a lot of ways. But the optimism of this game is we did have a great first drive. But we’ve just got to keep pushing forward in practice and be ready when our number’s called”.

Although it’s not normal for starters to play in the fourth preseason game, the fact that Newton has one drive this preseason might convince them to change their minds. When asked if the lack of work meant he might play next week against the Steelers, Panthers coach Ron Rivera replied – “Not necessarily”.

One may ask if Cam Newton has got enough time to get himself ready for a regular season.

“Absolutely. I ain’t got no choice”, said Newton. “But when everything gets to going, pretty sure coach will have everybody ready to go”.

Some previous enthusiastic attempts have led to longer setbacks. This time hopefully they will be wise enough to use him wisely and do not remove him until September 10th, 2017 in San Francisco.



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