Home Entertainment A British Model was kidnapped to be sold as a sex slave

A British Model was kidnapped to be sold as a sex slave

British Model Kidnapped

Chloe Ayling’s ordeal warns us of the evil that lurks online.

The 20-year-old British model was held captive by her captors for over a week. She was lured to Italy with the promise of a photo shoot. There she was drugged, stuffed into a suitcase and transported to an isolated farmhouse. Were she was held captive at times in handcuffs.

Ayling has told the police the ‘terrifying experience’ ended when her captor had a change of heart and decided to drop her off at the British Consulate in Milan. He had planned to hold her for ransom or advertise her as a sex slave on the criminal ‘dark web’.

The young woman’s account sounded like a movie script, what she told to the police.

Italian Police have arrested a 30-year-old Polish man with British residency named Lukas Pawel Herba, the main accused and claimed to be a paid killer for a group called the Black Death.

The lawyer Ayling got whilst the case is in the investigation, told reporters on Monday, August 7th – “It seems incredible, a man kidnaps, together with others, a girl, and after a week, citing particular reasons, accompanies her inside a consulate…(and) practically hands her over to the police.”

“This at first was doubted also by the investigators – but the story turned out to be true,” he said.

The topless model for the British tabloid newspapers had gone to Milan on Tuesday, July 11th. Her agent Phil Green, said that it was a recognised studio in the city centre. There she was grabbed by the neck while another man injected her with a dose of the anaesthetic Ketamine.

“Strong enough to knock her to the ground,” said the lawyer.

She was then taken to a rural farmhouse near Turin in northern Italy. There she was held captive for almost a week. Handcuffed to a wooden dresser. A ransom of $300,000 was demanded from her agent at the same time she was advertised online as a ‘sex-slave’. Authorities said no ransom was paid.


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